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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Winning Lawsuits Against Progressive Insurance

The Utah accident attorneys at Christensen & Hymas know how to win lawsuits against the big insurance companies, including Progressive Insurance. We help clients get what they deserve from these companies every day. If you are injured in an accident and have a case against Progressive Insurance, let us help you. You have enough on your plate already.

We recently worked together with a client to win a lawsuit against Progressive. Lynette was hit by a car and injured while unloading groceries. We fought to get Lynette the compensation she deserved. We won her case, and she received $15,000 to cover her injuries and medical bills.

How Will Progressive Insurance Treat Me after an Accident?

Progressive, like all insurance companies, wants to keep as much of its money as possible. They will do all they can to minimize your claim and pay you the smallest settlement they can. There are some things you should know about their tactics, and how to not fall victim to them.

Medical authorization forms are insurance companies’ most common tactic. If you sign this form, the insurance company has unlimited access to your personal and medical information. They will use this information to manipulate your claim and minimize the amount of compensation they pay you.

We Help Our Clients Win Lawsuits against Progressive Insurance

We can protect you against Progressive’s unfair tactics. We wrote a book, 7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case, which outlines how we win lawsuits against Progressive Insurance and all other big insurance companies.

“Kenny always had an answer for all of my questions and concerns. He was great at putting my mind at ease when my family and I were stressed or overwhelmed. I would definitely refer someone I know to Christensen & Hymas.” – Lynette, one of our clients

Our client, Lynette, was able to witness this firsthand when we helped her win a claim against Progressive. A driver hit Lynette after mistakenly hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing her injuries that resulted in serious neck and back pain. Lynette is an active marathon runner, and these injuries significantly affected her daily life and her ability to pursue her interests. However, we were able to win her $15,000 to help get her back on her feet.

We represent accident victims in many different types of lawsuits against Progressive Insurance, including:

We want to help you win your case. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means you will not pay us anything until we win your case. Contact us today for a free consultation about your lawsuit against Progressive Insurance.


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