black friday safety

It seems like there are reports of more Black Friday shopping injuries every year. In recent years, aggressive Black Friday crowds have contributed to many accidents and even deaths. With this in mind, avoiding shopping altogether on the day after Thanksgiving may be a good idea. But, there are good deals and not all stores are danger zones. So, if you go shopping, remember these Black Friday safety tips:

Biggest Black Friday Safety Threats

Looking over the history of injury and mayhem, much of the danger on Black Friday comes from common sources. Here are some of the biggest dangers and tips on avoiding injury.

  • Stampedes

Hordes of excited, frantic shoppers can quickly turn dangerous when store doors open. Consider waiting until the initial rush is gone before you head in. If there is a deal that you really want to take advantage of, leave your kids at home — their injury risk is much higher!

  • Falling Merchandise

This may be surprising, but falling merchandise causes injuries, as well. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are in an aisle with high shelves and heavy products. Resist the urge to carry more than is reasonable, and ask for help if you need something out of reach.

  • Violence

When an in-demand item is quickly running out on Black Friday, some overzealous shoppers resort to violence to get what they want. Even if you are not directly involved, arguments and fights can put bystanders in danger. Use caution if you sense that tensions are running high around you.

  • Car Accidents

Car accidents are a danger every day, and Black Friday is no different. Drowsy and excited drivers are more likely to make reckless or careless decisions. If you are leaving early in the morning to shop or just to travel somewhere, keep an eye out for dangerous drivers.

Following these Black Friday safety tips can help keep your holidays fun and carefree. Many stores are now offering online deals, to try to cut down on the shopping hysteria. Check to see if your favorite stores offer these kinds of discounts before making your Black Friday plans!

Happy Thanksgiving from Christensen & Hymas!

While Black Friday offers some great shopping deals, the day before is one of the best of the year. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think about the things we are grateful for, and we hope these Black Friday safety tips can help you keep that feeling throughout the holidays.

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