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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Medical Terms and Procedures

The following page provides general knowledge about a variety of injuries dealing with the back, spinal cord, and joints. Causes for the injuries, treatments, and the risks involved are outlined in the following sections:

Facet Pain

Do you suffer from severe back pain stemming from your spinal cord. Facet pain is very limiting to your body, and the range of activities you can participate in. For more information and what treatments are available, click here.


The injections covered in this section include facet injections (to alleviate Facet Pain, as mentioned above), and Medial Branch Block injections for more extreme cases. If you have questions about these procedures, carefully view this info and discuss it with your doctor. Learn more.


The term rhizotomy is used to define a surgical procedure where damaged and defective nerves are selectively destroyed. There are two main types of rhizotomy, selective dorsal rhizotomy and facet rhizotomy. For further information, click here.


With a majority of Americans participating in some form of surgery throughout their lives, this page can be a useful tool for information. The surgeries described include: Back, Knee, Shoulder, and Neck. Read More.

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