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Last Modified: May 2, 2023


Injections for different injuries

If you have experienced severe back or neck pain due to an injury, you may benefit from a facet injection. Facet injections are used by doctors to alleviate back pain and also diagnose facet pain in the back. The injections are filled with steroids or further medicine which numb the medial nerves and facets along the spinal cord. The following links provide more information about the injections themselves, the reasons to receive one, and the associated risks behind them:

Facet Injections

Facet joints are the structures that connect vertebrae together along the spinal cord. If they are shifted out of place or damaged, a facet injection can alleviate back pain through the medical steroids. Read More.

Medial Branch Block Injections

In more extreme cases, medial branch block injections utitlize the chemical Lidocain, an anesthetic, which completely numbs the nerves in the facets. Both injections can lead patients along their way to further physical therapy and recovery. If you have further questions or wonder if your insurance should cover your medical injection, call us at Christensen & Hymas at 801-506-0800. Read More.

Photo courtesy of LCpl Andrew D. Young and the United States Marine Corp. The image is in the public domain.

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