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Have You Been Injured By A Bus?

Bus accidents are less common than car accidents, but when they do happen, the results are often devastating. Because seat belts are not required and there are fewer safety precautions, the injuries resulting from a bus accident can be catastrophic. If you have been injured in a bus accident, don’t face the stress of seeking fair compensation and treatment on your own. At Christensen & Hymas, we have the experience you need in a lawyer and we will personally handle every aspect of your case to make sure you receive the time, support, and compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas will personally handle every aspect of your case to make sure you receive the most out of your injury claim. We seek to serve every client with integrity and compassion. We can help you overcome the pain, frustration, and expense of your accident

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Bus Accident Facts and Answers

Bus drivers are held to a very high standard. Depending on the nature of the accident, bus passengers can sometimes receive payment to cover the cost of their injuries. This payment usually comes from the driver, the driver’s insurance company, the owner of the bus fleet, or other negligent parties. The legal process can often be tedious and confusing. If you’ve been in a bus accident, you probably have many questions about what your next step should be, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you during this stressful time. (To learn interesting bus accident facts and stats, check out our “Bus Accident Statistics” page.)

Should you file a class action suit after a bus crash?

Victims of accidents often band together to file suits against powerful defendants. But if you don’t approve of the tactics and strategies of the other victims, you are under no obligation to join the suit. Instead, you can make a separate claim.

What is the statute of limitation for a bus accident?

The answer depends on the kind of recovery you want to receive. For no-fault accident claims, the typical time limit is half a year. If you are seeking compensation for pain and suffering or medical bills, you may have up to six years after the accident to file.

Should you hire an attorney to help you with your bus accident case?

In most cases, a bus accident lawyer is a good idea, since he or she knows the relevant case law and can help you avoid making mistakes that might potentially wreck you case. Moreover, those who hire a lawyer in an accident case usually receive a much higher settlement than those who pursue a case on their own. To get help now, contact Christensen & Hymas at (801) 506-0800.