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Last Modified: June 2, 2023

Salt Lake City Brain Injury Lawyer

TBI Cases in Salt Lake City

Every year our law firm successfully handles numerous brain injury cases. Each case is unique and requires personal attention and significant legal resources to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. Since we do not run a high–volume, take-any-case-that-comes-through-the-door type of practice, we are able to limit the amount of cases that we handle. This ensures that each one of our clients get the personal attention they need and deserve after an accident – something that’s especially important for someone who’s suffered a brain injury.

We are actively involved in the brain injury community. Our founding partner, Ken Christensen, serves alongside Utah’s finest neurologists, neuropsychologists, rehabilitation specialists and cognitive therapists on the board of directors for the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah. This non-profit organization provides help and resources at no cost to people with brain injuries and has given Ken the opportunity to better understand brain injuries and how they can change a person’s life.


Since a traumatic brain injury, or “TBI,” is so much more than a diagnosis in a medical record, it’s important for insurance companies to see the person behind the medical records and understand how your injury affects every aspect of your life. As authors and attorneys, there’s no one better qualified to tell your story than the attorneys at Christensen & Hymas.

Our Recent Utah Brain Injury Settlements and Verdicts

King v. State Farm Insurance

Mr. King was driving his scooter down State Street in Midvale when a driver that wasn’t paying attention struck Mr. King’s scooter from behind, sending him crashing onto the hood of the car and then onto the street.

Mr. King was badly injured. He fractured his skull and sustained a brain injury. He was hospitalized for six days as doctors monitored the blood on his brain. He also suffered from memory loss and underwent extensive cognitive therapy as part of his rehabilitation process.

We were honored to represent Mr. King and make sure that he was able to receive the medical care he needed after this devastating event. We were successful in receiving the full insurance policy limits as settlement of his claim, ensuring that all of his medical bills were paid, and that he received additional funds to help him as he completed his rehabilitation.

Behunin v. State of Utah

Mr. Behunin was driving on Highway 6 in his vintage pickup truck when a school bus was going too fast for the road conditions and rear-ended his truck. The impact whipped Mr. Behunin’s head backwards, shattering the rear window of his cab with the back of his head, and causing a serious brain injury.

Mr. Behunin operated a backhoe for a living, but couldn’t work after the accident because he had cognitive deficits and balance issues, making it impossible to dig straight lines and complete his daily tasks in an orderly manner.

Since Mr. Behunin was hit by a school bus driver, he had to file a government notice of claim within 2 years of the accident, so he contacted our office and we immediately filed the proper paperwork with the state and then hired the right medical experts to properly document his brain injury and his inability to work. We eventually received a great settlement from the State that included past and future lost wages, future medical care, and money for pain and suffering.

Earl v. Mutual of Enumclaw

Earl, an avid cyclist, was out for a training ride one afternoon on Redwood Road in Bluffdale. Suddenly, a driver who hadn’t seen Earl traveling in the bike lane attempted to make a U-turn and steered his truck right across the bike lane. Earl collided with the passenger side of the truck, and although he was wearing a helmet, he was knocked unconscious and sustained a concussion (a mild TBI), in addition to several other injuries.

Earl’s athletic conditioning helped his body recover fairly quickly following the accident, but his brain injury was another story. He came to our firm uncertain of how to proceed. We were able to help get Earl to a concussion specialist at the University of Utah, with whom Earl worked for several months before he was finally able to overcome the symptoms he was experiencing due to his concussion.

The insurance company initially refused to acknowledge Earl’s concussion, attempting to characterize it as nothing more than a bump on the head. But after our firm documented the extensive treatment Earl received with the concussion specialist, the adjuster was forced to recognize the gravity of Earl’s injury, and settled for an amount three times their initial offer.

What Is a Brain Injury and What Causes It?

Traumatic brain injury (or “TBI”) occurs when a hit to the head causes the brain to collide with the inside of the skull. Sudden, jerking motions of the head like “whiplash” can also cause brain injury.

Being “knocked unconscious” can result in brain injury, but the two don’t always go hand-in-hand. You can suffer a brain injury without ever losing consciousness.

Don’t rely on your insurance company or its doctors for a diagnosis. Proper tests by a responsible brain specialist (such as a neurologist or neuropsychologist) will demonstrate whether you suffered a brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury can occur in countless different ways, but some of the most common causes are:

These are just some of the many types of accidents that cause brain injury. They can happen at any time and in any situation.

The Ewell family understands this all too well. We had the privilege of representing the Ewells after their teenage daughter Macala was struck by a careless driver. She suffered a severe TBI and later died after fighting for her life for four months. We worked successfully with the Ewells to eliminate over a million dollars of medical costs as part of their settlement.


Macala’s Story

Macala was an artistic junior high student whose charm and love for life were contagious. One day, she was walking to school with friends in Magna, Utah when a careless driver struck her. The driver, in a rush to get to work, had not cleared the frost off the passenger side of her windshield and didn’t see Macala walking in the crosswalk. The impact threw Macala nearly 100 feet.

Macala suffered a traumatic head injury that caused her brain to swell so much that part of her skull had to be removed for several weeks to avoid further brain damage. Macala spent four months in the hospital and fought valiantly to recover from her injuries. Only 15 years old, this sweet young lady passed away after contracting an infection.

The Ewells, already devastated by the loss of their daughter, faced over a million dollars of medical costs. Macala’s father contacted us after reading attorney Ken Christensen’s book The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case. We worked successfully with the Ewells to reach a settlement that eliminated their debt and allowed them to grieve the loss of Macala.



I Think I Have a Brain Injury. What Should I Do?

While many brain injuries are impossible to ignore, some can be less obvious. If you experience any of the following side effects after an accident, you should see a specific medical doctor immediately:

  • Memory loss or impairment
  • Speech impairment
  • Altered behavior or personality
  • Lack of self-awareness
  • Decreased concentration and problem-solving skills
  • Difficulty multitasking
  • Blurred vision or perception
  • Lost sense of smell or taste
  • Headaches or trouble sleeping
  • Seizures

If your injury resulted from a traffic accident, your car insurance may be able to cover your costs. You can also file an insurance claim against the at-fault driver or party. The experienced brain injury attorneys at Christensen & Hymas can help you get what you deserve.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Reaching a fair and sufficient settlement is hard to do alone. Insurance companies often downplay the significance of TBI symptoms and will do all they can to give you as little money as possible. We deal with these companies on a daily basis and know how to protect your interests.

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate and affordable service. Our “No-Fee Guarantee” means that you won’t pay us anything unless we win your case. If you have questions or need advice on an injury case, please give us call today at 801-506-0800 or fill out the case submission form at the top of this webpage.
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