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Everybody knows that car accidents can cause injuries, but few understand just how many different ways an accident can affect the people involved. Despite knowing the risk of driving, you probably don’t often consider the possibility of losing a limb when you get behind the wheel. Nevertheless, many car accident victims must have one or more limbs amputated during treatment for their injuries. Surgeons perform the majority of these amputations as a last resort, following unsuccessful attempts to repair or otherwise preserve the limb. This exerts a significant physical and emotional toll on the victim, who must endure lengthy and painful surgeries in hopes of saving their arm or leg. However, due to infection or an inability to restore functionality, the ultimate decision is often made that it must be amputated – leaving the victim without a limb and with lots of expenses.

Attorneys Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas recently recovered the largest settlement for an amputee from the state of Utah. Twenty-two year old Parker Eads collided with a Utah Valley University maintenance truck that failed to yield the right-of-way at an intersection. The truck turned left while Parker drove through a green light on his motorcycle, t-boning his bike and smashing his left leg. Parker endured seven surgeries before his doctors decided to amputate his leg.

man doing physical therapy with a new prosthetic leg

Parker’s Story

Parker Eads had just started his first year at Utah Valley University, and was a self-described “adrenaline junkie” who loved snowboarding, rock climbing, and biking. However, after his accident, he was unable to do the things he loved. The amputation of his leg forced him to drop his university classes, as he was unable to attend school. It wasn’t long before lost time, medical expenses, and a prosthetic leg showed Parker that even after seven surgeries, his battle was far from over. We fought successfully to get Parker the compensation he deserved, and strive to do the same for all of our clients.

They are different and they can empathize

“They just made it easy. I mean… Ken himself went through a whole traumatic experience. And I think that’s what makes him different–and Russ too. It’s that he’s been there. He knows, so he can empathize.”

Why Do You Need an Amputation Attorney?

Amputation cases are rare and more complicated than common car accident cases. Obviously, losing a limb changes a person’s life completely; their ability to perform simple tasks and hobbies are limited, often to the point of becoming impossible. But hope is not lost. Advanced science, medicine, and technology help ease this burden – and with the help of prosthetics, amputees are able to continue many of the activities they enjoyed before becoming injured. At Good Guys Injury Law, a proper settlement must include an entire life care plan for the benefit of the amputee. A life care plan is prepared with the help of doctors and nurses, and includes coverage of all assistance, medications, prosthetics, surgeries, and medical care that may be necessary in the future – including any psychological counseling and therapy. At Good Guys Injury Law, we work with an experienced group of trauma nurses and doctors that have spent thousands of hours caring for amputee patients. Our law firm understands the needs of our clients, and works to ensure that insurance companies fulfill their responsibility to protect accident victims and their families.

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Since accidents resulting in amputation can vary greatly in type, there is no definitive answer to this question. As in most injury cases, liability will be determined based on the unique details of your case. In these traumatic and devastating accidents, the key is identifying negligence by any of the parties involved and attributing fault. A “liable party” is one that has some sort of legal responsibility – like a business owner or a doctor. If an individual or group is demonstrably at fault for your injury, it is likely that they are liable and should provide compensation. It is of the utmost importance that you cautiously approach your case with the help of an experienced injury attorney. Do not let liable parties hoping to get themselves off the hook take advantage of you.
We are here to represent you. We want to help you get the resources you need to recover from your injury, just as we did with Parker. If you or someone close to you lost a limb because of a preventable accident at the hands of a liable party, contact us today and receive a free consultation. If you choose to work with Good Guys Injury Law, you will not pay us anything unless we win, because as Parker says, “we’ll be there for you because we’re your friend,” not because we want your money.

Has your life been impacted by an accident that led to an amputation?

They are different and they can empathize. They just made it easy. I mean… Ken himself went through a whole traumatic experience. And I think that’s what makes him different–and Russ too. It’s that he’s been there. He knows, so he can empathize.