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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Take Care of Your Car

sedan with damage from being rear endedIf you have ever been in an accident, you are aware of how taxing the situation can be.  There are a lot of steps and options you should follow when you are picking up the pieces.  The first step you should always take is to take care of yourself by seeking the appropriate medical care and services.  The next step in the process is taking care of your car.  Below is information to take care of your car; including information on towing procedures after an accident, general information on mechanic shops, and what to do if you car is totaled.

Towing Procedures

Every towing company has its own policies it follows, however, there are some general guidelines for those who need a tow after a car accident.  It is always important to remember that you have the most agency in the situation.  You may contract with the closest towing company to the accident, the company your insurances suggests, or even the tow company the police use.  After the truck has come to tow your car from the accident scene, they can transport it to their personal impound lot or to a mechanic shop which they can usually suggest. If you are not injured make sure to get the business card of the towing company so you know exactly where your car is located. After the tow you will need to call your insurance so they can send an adjuster to assess the amount of damage.  If you car is causing severe traffic problems, the police officer could have the tow truck on scene tow your car to help decrease traffic congestion which may cause additional accidents.

Mechanic Shops

It is important to remember that most suggested mechanic shops have a relationship with whoever refereed you to them; even your insurance company.  You do not have to use the mechanic shop suggested to you, nor do you have to pay ridiculously high up front costs. Any licensed mechanic shop has the ability to submit an insurance claim on your behalf, it is not limited to a few.  The general rule is to get three quotes from different shops to make sure you are not being swindled.  This rule is a good place to start from, however you should not panic if you are not able to get three different quotes.  It is good advice to try for another quote, however, it will not necessarily ruin your case or claim.

If Your Car Is Totaled

Totaled cars happen more often then you would think. Cars or automobiles in general are considered totaled if the total amount to fix the car amounts to more than 51% of the car.  This damage is usually estimated by the insurance adjuster or the mechanic shop, and unfortunately, the simplest accident can total a car if it hits the a certain area–such as the engine. After the car is considered totaled you have a couple of different options to contemplate, you can pay the difference the insurance company does not pay to fix the car, or simply let the car go to a junkyard for spare parts and metal.

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