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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Take Care of Yourself (Medical Care)

doctors and nurses performing a surgery When you are in a car accident, it may seem like your whole world is turned upside down.  Directly after the accident you may be confused or stunned, which makes it incredibly hard to go forward to the next steps. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may not even feel confused or stunned, you may just feel anger or guilt for the origins of the accident. This time directly after the accident is the most important time for you to take care of yourself medically. This page  provides details on when you should visit a doctor, why you should seek medical care, and how not visiting a doctor in the future could influence your personal injury case and your quality of life.  This advice guide is part of a larger series of Picking Up the Pieces After a Car Accident where you can see the full steps here.

When You Should Visit a Doctor

The general advice for anyone who is in any type of collision accident is to have them see a doctor no matter the situation.  This option might be considered safer than sorry but there is a lot of problems which could happen if you do not visit a doctor (see down below).  If you are in any type of collision accident on the freeway, you should be checked out by a doctor immediately since such high speeds can cause serious damage both internally and externally. If you were in a smaller accident, such as a fender bender; you may be able to get away with not visiting the doctor immediately, however, if you experience any amount of pain you should immediately visit a doctor.  Whiplash is a common injury which may be considered minor to some individuals; however, if whiplash is not treated it can cause serious damages down the road.  If you are the least bit concerned, go see the doctor!  The best advice is common sense.

Why You Should Seek Medical Care

The best reason to seek immediate medical care is to prevent further injuries from happening down the road. Additionally, sometimes there are types of internal injuries which if not properly taken care of can seriously lower your quality of life down the road. Subsequently, if you need to file a lawsuit due to complete loss of quality of life; your case could be affected by not seeking the proper medical attention early on.  Visiting a doctor is also covered by most insurance policies, making your visit hard to overwrite; especially if they can catch something you would have missed.

How Not Seeing a Doctor Could Affect Your Future

There are two folds to your future you have to be aware of in consideration to not seeking medical attention.  The first item you need to be aware of is the potential damage you could have from injuries down the road.  If you receive major trauma or whiplash in an accident but do not get it checked out, you could potentially have severe or chronic neck problems down the road.  This also applies to back, hip, bone, or tendon problems. Secondly, not seeing a doctor could compromise the chance or quality of life going forward if you have to file a suit for your impending medical bills.

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