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Last Modified: May 2, 2023

Dog Safety


Dog safetyKeeping your dog safe as well as keeping others safe from your dog is very important as nearly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Not all dogs are vicious and bite; however, it is difficult to know when a dog may turn violent. For this reason, here are some safety tips to keep everyone safe, including the dog.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

  • Give your pet color and ID tags: Include up-to-date information for the best way to reach you if the dog is lost or stolen. ID tags can be purchased at any pet store and should also include your address.
  • Have your pet microchipped: Microchips are implanted identification for the pet that has all of the owner’s contact information if the chip were to be scanned at a clinic or shelter.
  • Spay/neuter your pet: Sterile pets are less likely to roam and it saves you the hassle of additional unwanted pets. Sterile animals are also less likely to become violent or have mood changes as they get older.
  • Keep them safe when you are not home: Pets love the outdoors but keeping them safe while you are gone is sometimes a difficult thing to do. Keep them close to home and away from traffic, unfamiliar animals, and those who may not know your pet’s intentions and do not have your pet’s best interests in mind.
  • Leash your pets while out and about: Having your animal on a leash will decrease the likeliness of fights with other animals as you are in control of their actions. Have a strong enough leash to hold the dog’s weight if they begin to pull or wants to go in a different direction.
  • Don’t leave your animal unattended: Don’t leave your pet leashed outside of a store or in your vehicle, even if it is locked or the windows are rolled down. Leave them at home.

Tips for Keeping Others Safe From Your Dog

  • No hugs or kisses: Teach children and people who may be around your dog that hugs and kisses around the dog’s face are not safe. Having face-to-face contact with the dog is a common cause of bites to the neck or face. If they would like to hug or kiss the dog, have them do it on the chest or the side of the neck.
  • Standstill if a strange dog approaches: If you don’t know the dog, don’t attempt to pet it or play with it. Teach your child to stand still when a strange dog approaches, they may want to sniff you but they will usually move on to something else. This is also good when a dog becomes frisky or aggressive, standing still calms the dog and lets them know you aren’t interested.
  • Don’t tease: Never tease a dog. Also never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or protecting something. They may become aggressive and territorial.
  • Supervise: When family or friends are over and your dog is around, supervise the dog to make sure that everyone is being safe. It may be a good idea to put the dog in another room while you have visitors.

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