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We’ll Take Care of Your Intersection Accident Claim While You Focus on Healing

With today’s aggressive and distracted driving habits, many drivers don’t pay enough attention or consider how their rush could be putting others at risk.  If you have been involved in an intersection accident, don’t let someone else’s negligence cost you. Don’t let insurance companies pressure you into settling your claim quickly, before you know the extent of your injuries or the damage to your car. Get help from a car accident lawyer in Utah.

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Friendly and Helpful Dealing with Insurance Company “Working with the insurance company was frustrating… They wouldn’t give me fair market value for my car and tried to get me to take $1K for medical before I knew how bad it was. The attorneys at Good Guys Injury Law were friendly with lots of support and advice for deposition/arbitration. They were very helpful dealing with the insurance company over medical and car totaling.”

Understanding Intersection Accidents

Out of the over 6 million car crashes in the United States every year, 40% (or about 2.5 million) of them occur at intersections. Intersection accidents happen everyday, seemingly everywhere. Despite traffic lights, stop signs, and pedestrian traffic signals, it seems these types of accidents are ever prevalent. That is why we at Good Guys Injury Law are dedicated to preventing future accidents by educating the community about the common causes of intersection accidents. Check out the list below and learn how you can avoid these problems in the future.

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4 Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

Angry or Reckless Driving Drivers who tailgate through intersections, ignore traffic signals, purposely refuse to yield the right of way, and annoy or disturb other drivers often cause intersection accidents either directly or indirectly. Aggressive drivers–who flash lights, honk, and swerve–can rattle surrounding drivers. No matter what another driver does or what might be going on in your personal life, don’t let a few moments of anger wreck someone else’s future.

Bad Weather/Road Conditions Failing intersection lights, sleet on the road, black ice, potholes, poorly marked crosswalks, and fog have all been linked to accidents at intersections. You cannot necessarily protect yourself in advance from all of these potential problems, but you can research weather conditions and construction before you drive and prepare accordingly, giving yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely. Slow down, replace your windshield wipers frequently, and be cautious whenever you experience bad weather.

Driving Drunk or Buzzed Every 51 minutes, someone dies as a result of someone’s decision to drink and drive. Drunk driving causes on average more than 15,000 deaths per year on America’s roads. Given that intersections are already relatively dangerous areas, it’s unsurprising that insobriety is a major factor in intersection collisions. You can’t control other drivers, but you can plan ahead for safety by limiting driving on holidays or late into the night.

Distraction and Fatigue Overly tired or inattentive drivers pose greater risks at intersections. One major problem at intersections is cell phone use. Drivers on their phones (even hands-free devices) may not be as attentive to sudden changes in traffic patterns. Fatigued drivers react slower to unusual road conditions. Again, while you can’t control what other drivers do, you can manage your own behavior. Completely eliminate your use of cellphones while driving, and make sure you are well rested before you get behind the wheel.

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